5 Ideal Options For Home Flooring

1. Hardwoods
Hardwoods give a sophisticated look to your home.
They are easy to clean and maintain, and usually only require vacuuming.
Hardwoods look elegant in a living room. You can enhance their beauty by adding a rug over it.

Tiles are very durable and resistant to scratches.
They are fairly easy to clean as well.
Tiles are perfect for a bathroom or a kitchen, since they are water resistant.

Vinyl is comparatively inexpensive as compared to other flooring options.
It is a great option for laundry rooms and bathrooms.

If you want flooring that will stand up to daily wear and tear, go for laminate flooring. It is great for high traffic areas beacuse of its durability.

5. Catretitty  
Wall-to-wall carpeting is a good option for bedrooms and living rooms. It is usually less expensive than other flooring options.

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